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  1. I have a Bahama blue - 65 beetle in nice condition. Engine is a bit upgraded to a 1500cc still 6V.. :) Good tyres on a bit 5.5" rims Runs fine and passed MOT this year.. No Rust!!! sold...
  2. Minä haluan imusarja sopi weber ida 48 lyhyt malli osta tai vaihto minun CB big beef ida intakes. t.Michael
  3. Minä haluan: etuhelma sopii -52 kupla ja taka helma myös vararenkaan kotelo.. T. michael
  4. 62 beetle with cab papers most work done just reinforce the A pillars and some minor bodywork /interior Sold with running engine (12v) Price 1950€
  5. Nice!!!! Good luck with the bus!
  6. Looking for a rollcage to fit in one of my cars doesnt need to be fullcage, the only one i know who sayed to soon have one up for sale was Kraak racing http://www.raak-racing.com/shop/ but they still havent managed to get it in production... anyway nothing on the homepage... So is there any others? It doesnt have to be chromoly...:)
  7. Who is going were? And has anybody been there and can tell if its worth going? Cause.. Time to plan 2011 holidays... For myself already have Vw Open May (Fi), BugRun June (Swe) BugNic Aug (Fi) and SCC Aug (NO) in the calender..
  8. Looking good Marko! Keep up the good work and you will have a stunning looking oval, love the color is it that red green L313? Will be so nice with the Brm's are you going to shorten frontaxle or keep it stock? Cheers Micke
  9. Hi, Does anybody know if i can buy swepcos gearbox oil in Finland? http://www.swepcousa.com/lubesite/products/h201.htm -michael
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