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Ihmettelin vaan miksi ne on eri varaosanumerolla, kun kuitenkin näyttävät olevan myynnissä ilman polttimoa.





CSP:llä on jopa 10 euron ero 6V vs. 12V mittareissa. 😳



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Joku Sambassa ei myöskään ole tuota uskonut:


"The gauge should be marked 6V or 12V, usually with an ink stamp on the back. The date code will also be stamped, and only '67 gauges are 12V.

It will make a little difference because 12V gauges have a slightly higher internal resistance. Something close to an 82 ohm resistor is added internally in a 12V gauge.

There is no difference in the sender for 6V or 12V but the gauge is different by the added resistor. I recommend adding an 80 to 100 ohm 1 watt resistor in series with the power lead externally if you're using a 6 volt gauge on 12 volts. 6 volt gauges will eventually die on 12 volts, but it usually takes them awhile."

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